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Disabilities And Stem Cells A New Way That Doctors...

Michael Dickerson Mr. Hoffman Biology Quadriplegic Disabilities and Stem Cells Stem cells are a new way that doctors worldwide can help people with disabilities cure their disability. Stem Cells are cells that come from the blastocyst of the embryo, they are cells that haven’t decided what they are going to be yet. They can be any kind of cell Brain Cells, Hair Cells, Nerve Cells etc. One of the more popular disabilities is Quadriplegia. Quadriplegia is the a disability that comes from injury or from illness. It is when you lose control in all of your limbs and your torso. Stem Cells would be able to become these dead cells and make quadriplegics able to walk and move again. People who have heart disease can have parts of their†¦show more content†¦The answer is no, although they show positive things for the future they have not been researched enough to be used on a patient. They are however being used in clinical trials, so they are being tested. Stem Cells today are being used in things such as testing for prescr iption drugs. They use them in these drugs to test if the drug can kill differentiated cells. Stem Cells can also be used for people who have type 1 Diabetes. They could help restore or heal the damaged pancreas in side the person s body. There are also cells called Pluripotent cells. These cells are meant to rise cells from three germ layers. These germ layers are known as endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm. How do Stem Cells decide what they are going to be? They decide by a process known as differentiation. This is when unspecialized cells decide what they are going to be, they can be any kind of cell; Tissue Cells, Tongue Cells, Hair Cells, etc. Before Differentiation cells are known as Stem Cells. There are also other types of Stem Cells known as Adult Stem Cells. An Adult Stem Cell is an undifferentiated cell. These cells renew themselves and tell other unspecialized cells were to go. â€Å"(Adult Stem Cell. 9) An adult stem cell is an undifferentiated cell in which happens in a differentiated cell,it renews , and becomesShow MoreRelatedEssay about Pros and Cons of Embryonic Stem Cell Research1261 Words   |  6 PagesMost people are against Embryonic Stem Cell research mainly because they consider it unethical to use aborted fetuses for research. The two main issues concerning the research are the ethics (Cons) and the benefits (Pros). In any scientific case, ethics must always be considered. But the use of fetuses is something that is of the utmost importance. The costs are generally measured based off of people’s feelings, morals, and knowledge about the subject up for debate. The use of aborted fetuses forRead MoreBlindness Essay964 Words   |  4 Pagessucces s he’s had in his life. His disability did not stop him from changing the music industry to how it is today. The number of people around the world affected by blindness. Worldwide almost eighty percent of all visual impairment is avoidable (Marcovitz 7). Luckily, over twelve million suffer from less degrees of vision impairment (Plone 2017). World Health Organization â€Å"as many as three-hundred million people will suffer from blindness or other severe vision disabilities† (NFB 2017). Blindness affectsRead More The Religious Battle behind Stem Cell Research Essay1561 Words   |  7 Pagesbehind Stem Cell Research Abstract: Religion has played a key part in the battle for embryonic rights. Pope John Paul II has spoken out against stem cell research; however, Buddhist leaders and the Episcopal Church have taken a stand for stem cell research. Different religions have different opinions about stem cell research. However the controversy can never really be solved because it is so hard to define the line of morality when talking about stem cells and embryos. Stem cell researchRead More Multiple Sclerosis Essay1724 Words   |  7 Pagesknows the exact cause and there is no exact treatment. Still multiple sclerosis has the ability to affect nearly 3 million people worldwide and at least 500,000 people in the United States (Boroch). This disease tends to be more common in individuals of northern European descent and women are more than twice as likely to develop multiple sclerosis as men. Of those 3 million people, most of them are between the ages of 20 and 50 years old (Dangond). Even though multiple sclerosis is a mystery diseaseRead MoreCaring for People with Additional Needs11935 Words   |  48 PagesYear 13: Caring for people with additional needs AO1 Introduction In my AO1 ‘caring for people with additional needs’ portfolio I am going to provide and clearly display in great detail information and understanding of three causes of additional needs. I will do this by researching a range of sources to get in dept information. Then I will provide an explanation with great content of the effects on people who are in need of these services due to their additional needs. Finally, I intend toRead MoreBrain Structure And Basic Functions6760 Words   |  28 Pagesdeclines. Throughout many year , people try to solve the mystery of the brain . Many structures and functions of brain are now well known , but that knowledge is not enough to deal with that mystery. We know that it is made up of neurons (about 100 billion nerve cells). Neurons are connected like wires in a giant telephone exchange. Keeping brain health is a challenge as most of disturbances of the brain functions do not occur immediately but in a progressive way. In this book, you will have someRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 Pagesto self-assessment, to a wealth of interactive visual and audio resources, WileyPLUS gives you everything you need to personalize the teaching and learning experience.  » F i n d o u t h ow t o M A K E I T YO U R S  » ALL THE HELP, RESOURCES, AND PERSONAL SUPPORT YOU AND YOUR STUDENTS NEED! 2-Minute Tutorials and all of the resources you your students need to get started Student support from an experienced student user Ask your local representativeRead MoreHsm 542 Week 12 Discussion Essay45410 Words   |  182 PagesGiven a situation related to reproductive genetics, genetic research, or the human genome project, develop a set of legal and ethical guidelines, which can be applied to genetic issues for the conduct of medical practice and/or research. | B | Given the contentious debate surrounding issues of procreation, develop an institutional policy, which can be applied to the range of treatment and research issues related to procreation. | C | Given the mandate for advance directives, informed consentRead MoreDieting Makes People Fat Essay19490 Words   |  78 Pageslove to drink strawberry yogurt smoothie about 2-3 times per week. You have to try out this quick and easy recipe for a healthy and delicious strawberry smoothie.You can add some ground flax seeds and a banana for some extra nourishment and a tablespoon of raw honey for sweetness. Ingredients: 10 ripe strawberries, washed with stems removed 1/2 cup of natural yogurt 1 1/2 cups of low-fat milk 1 banana 1 tsp of flax seed powder (optional) 1 Tbsp of honey 4 ice cubes Preparation: Put all ingredientsRead MorePharmaceutical Price Controls in the Oecd Countries47662 Words   |  191 PagesATC ATP AUSFTA BCG BPI CMS CMRI CRC CSIRO CTMs DDD DMF EEA EMA EPC FDA GDP HHS IMF IPR KFDA KG LTP MHLW MHRA MHW MIFs NASs NDO NFMI NHI NHS NICE NMEs OECD OTC PBAC PBPA PBS PhRMA PMPRB PPRS PRS RD SHI SMEs SPC SU TGA TPD Abbreviated New Drug Application Abbreviated New Drug Submission Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical actual transaction price Australia–U.S. Free Trade Agreement Boston Consultancy Group Biotechnology Industry Association Center for Medicare Medicaid Services Center for Medicines Research

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13 Reasons To Date a Chemist

If you havent dated a chemist, youre missing out! Chemists can be incredibly romantic and great at lasting relationships. Here are some reasons to date a chemist. Chemists have some of the very best pick-up lines.  Are you made of copper and tellurium? You must be, because youre CuTe. Nerdy, yes, but a good icebreaker. Chemistry experiments require attention to detail. Your date will be on time, will pay attention to you, and will remember your likes and dislikes.Science requires effort, practice, and patience. You can expect a chemist to work at a relationship and not call it quits when problems arise.Chemists are interesting! They are curious and always learning. Dating a chemist means youll never be bored.Lab coats and safety goggles. So hot.Chemists remember to use protection.Chemists pay attention to personal hygiene.Chemists are almost always fantastic cooks. They also often brew amazing beer, make wine, or possibly distill their own spirits. Very few make drugs, though they know how.Chemists are smart. They can carry on meaningful conversations and fix things.Chemists know how to pull all-nighters.Chemists know all kinds of party tric ks and cool ways to celebrate holidays. Because their sense of wonder never fades, they often do well with kids. Your family and friends will probably like your chemist date.Like engineers and other scientists, a chemist asks you out because he or she genuinely likes you and finds you interesting. Chemists tend not to be shallow.Chemists are adventurous, up to a point. They are natural explorers, yet take risk into account. They can plan interesting and fun dates, but arent likely to endanger you. Similarly, chemists know all the toxic chemicals in every food, drink, and household product, yet wont go overboard avoiding minor vices.

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Are Humans Culpable For Global Climate Change - 1334 Words

Are Humans Culpable for Global Climate Change? Earth, a vibrant blue sphere in the solar system, is the only planet in the solar system that is currently known to host a multitude of life. Everything needed to survive and thrive is provided under a thin veil of atmosphere that separates all terrestrial organisms from the vast, frigid void of space. Earth is made up of intricate, collaborating systems that are often unpredictable. Land, water, air, and life-bearing organisms, including humans, collaborate to create a constantly fluctuating biosphere that is still being investigated to have a deeper understanding of its processes. In today’s technological age, the collection and interpretation of data has become paramount to help devise strategies to combat future threats. Data collection comes in many forms, but the collection and interpretation of climate data will be the topic under scrutiny. Recent data collected and analyzed by scientists suggests that the global climate is increasing in temperature and that information may be a cause for alarm. Why would this be a cause for alarm? The alarm should come from an understanding of how each living organism depends on one another to survive. If the delicate biological cycle is damaged or broken, the results could be catastrophic; forever changing the planet. This change in temperature may potentially affect all organisms that are currently known and those that have yet to be discovered and documented. This scenario is far tooShow MoreRelatedThe Issue Of Global Warming1652 Words   |  7 PagesWhen the issue of global warming comes up in conversations, people usually groan and avoid conversation, and many roll up their sleeves and prepare for a heated debate. Some people feel culpable and concerned; others simply do not care. There exist many contrasting viewpoints which yield very distinctive stances on the subject. While many people may claim disregard on the issue, the media has broadcasted substantial data showing gradual rise in global temperature and the topic has been discussedRead MoreAnalysis Of Octavia Butler s Series Of The Parables1508 Words   |  7 PagesI entered Butler University as an English major believing that what we choose to read changes the way we think, and literature shapes the society we live in. I later changed my major to International Studies, an interdisciplinary course of study, which allowed me to foster my understanding of the global society, the complexities of intercultural interactions, and the ability to apply political theories to interpret one situation from multiple perspectives. When choosing the topic for my senior thesisRead MoreThe Great Depression By Harper Lee1244 Words   |  5 Pagesdeclaring, â€Å"If we just let them know we forgive them, that we’ve forgotten it, then this whole thing will blow over† (231). Mrs. Merriweather advocates that the white community â€Å"forgive† Helen and the black community, as though they are mutually culpable for Robinsonâ₠¬â„¢s alleged crimes. Her arrogance and hypocritical attitude suggest ill-founded preconceptions of supremacy, as she fails to realize the white community’s role in Robinson’s conviction. During the Current Events period of Scout’s classRead MoreEnvironment and Sustainable Development1795 Words   |  7 PagesINTRODUCTION Natural hazards have induced catastrophic losses which are one or more related losses whose consequences are extremely harsh in their severity, such as bankruptcy, total loss of assets, or loss of life. The global loose from just three types of natural hazards which are windstorms, floods, and earthquakes. It consumes huge amounts of limited available capital and significantly reduces resources for new investment. In developing countries, the parallel problems of underdevelopmentRead MoreEssay on Religion and the Energy Crisis2855 Words   |  12 Pagesand energy production are causing widespread climate change, poisoning our air and resulting in the extinction of species. Humanity cannot continue to consume energy at the present rate given the limited supply of fossil fuels and the consequences of pollution, yet there seems to be a problem in cultivating widespread public concern for these issues. Even if the average American does not know the specifics of the matter, most everyone is aware of global warming, dying species, and the fossil fuelRead MoreReport on Employee Absenteeism10010 Words   |  41 PagesThere is a famous saying â€Å"The theory without practical is lame and practical without theory is blind.† Absenteeism is a serious workplace problem and an expensive occurrence for both employers and employees seems unpredictable in nature. Human resource is an important part of any business and managing them is an important task. Summer training is an integral part of the PGDM and student of Management have to undergo training session in a business organization for 6 weeks to gain practicalRead MoreHumans and the Decline of Biodiversity Essay2861 Words   |  12 Pagesis currently undergoing one of the largest mass extinctions in the history books. Why is this not being placed on the front page of every newspaper? The answer to that question is time. Humans do not take as much notice of things that happen over the course of millions and billions of years, because those same humans will not be around long enough to see the damage that is being caused here and now. These extinctions happen over millions of years, and even a few species dying every year is enough toRead MoreThe Fluctuating Fortunes Of Counterinsurgency : Is Tossing The Coin A Reasonable Approach?3422 Words   |  14 Pagesconflicts involving any form of nation building, the US must shape the political environment that they are conducted in th rough continued and global information operations involving a constant program of political, psychological and ideological ‘warfare’ designed to win peace more than to aid in the phases of a military conflict.† He insisted that a â€Å"climate of trust and cooperation be established before any given conflict takes place.† In the lead up to the Iraq War although several resolutionsRead MoreAnglogold Ashanti: Analysis of Csr Strategy6695 Words   |  27 Pagescritically examining the corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and performance of AngloGold Ashanti (AGA). This first essay analyses the company’s CSR strategy and activities against the yard sticks provided by the Ghana Business Code and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). In analyzing AGA’s strategy, we explore the likely motivating factors driving the company’s CSR activities and how these drivers inform AngloGold’s responsiveness to environmental, social and other stakeholder issues. InRead MoreGp Essay Mainpoints24643 Words   |  99 PagesNew vs. Traditional GENERAL Intro: †¢ The first quarter of 2043 will be when the last newspapers land on front process all over America. This is the prediction the author of ‘The Vanishing Newspaper’ †¦ †¢ Advent of tech has brought a radical change in the media industry †¢ No longer confined to reading news, watching television †¢ Click of mouse, people can access instantaneous info and news online †¢ Proliferation of online blogs and social networking sites such as Twitter threaten

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Marijuana, Necessary Or Not Essay Example For Students

Marijuana, Necessary Or Not? Essay S/AIts shocking to some, but not to others! Marijuana is a substance that hasbecome very much a part of American culture, nearly 65 million Americans haveeither used it occasionally or regularly. The use of marijuana hit mainstreamAmerica about thirty years ago and it has been accepted by a large segment ofsociety ever since. The debate on whether this substance should be legalizedor not remains a very hot topic today. Despite government efforts to isolateand eliminate its use, it is clear that the use of marijuana is still verypopular. There is an obvious problem concerning marijuana today. Governments on allthree levels: local, state, and federal are trying desperately to find anappropriate policy involving marijuana. National polls show that more than70% of the American people, from both ends of the political spectrum, supportcontrolled access to marijuana for medicinal purposes. Despite fierceopposition from the federal government, voters in California and Arizonapassed ballot in itiatives in the fall of 1996 favoring the legalization ofmedicinal marijuana. If support for marijuana at least as a medicinal remedyis so high, then why have only a few states taken steps to change theirpolicy? There are several reasons why marijuana remains illegal. Mainly, itis a political issue kicked around by certain special interest groups. Someof these groups perceive marijuana as a threat to the home, tearing familiesapart and causing them to abandon traditional values. However these groupsusually are not legitimate areas of legislation. The more powerful groupshave other, more practical reasons for keeping marijuana illegal. Among themost powerful of these groups are the combined lawenforcement-judiciary-penal systems. This group sees the elimination ofmarijuana laws as a threat to their jobs. Add to this group defense lawyers,who stand to make millions of dollars defending marijuana offenders. Consciously or not, they support anti-marijuana laws. Another interest groupincludes the scientists whose marijuana research is funded by the government. If marijuana were legalized, they would lose millions of dollars in researchgrants intended to prove the detrimental effects of the substance. Two otherunrelated but very influential groups are the liquor lobby and pharmaceuticalcompanies. Their spending is usually very secretive and not publicized verymuch. Legalization of a competing product that can be produced with relativeease by anyone with access to a plot of land would cut deeply into theirprofits. And the drug companies want control, rather than just a ban, forthey know the medicinal benefits of marijuana . Therefore the major reasonmarijuana continues to remain illegal, is that special interest groups areblocking legislation by extensive lobbying. Clearly it is seen that manypeople support its use, at least for medical reasons. It is obvious that the current policy for marijuana is not working veryefficiently. The government spends billions of dollars every year to stop itsuse. This leads to the opening of a very extensive black market formarijuana, because the drug is still in high demand. With the black marketcomes all the crime and violent acts that create a new problem ofovercrowding prison populations. In effect, the government does not reallysolve the marijuana problem; instead it just creates a new one in its place. The present policy on marijuana is that it is classified as a Schedule I drugin the Controlled Substances Act. This law established criteria fordetermining which substances should be controlled, mechanisms for reducingthe availability of controlled drugs, and a structure of penalties forillegal distribution and possession of controlled drugs. The criteria forSchedule I substances are: The drug or other substance has a high potentialfor abuse, is not currently accepted for use in medical treatment in theUnited States, has not been proven safe for use under medical supervision. Along with marijuana, hashish, and THC, drugs listed in Schedule 1 areheroin, LSD, mescaline, peyote, and many other hallucinogens. This makes itillegal for anyone to buy, sell, grow, or possess any amount of marijuanaanywhere in the United States. State laws vary in terms of penalties issued. Greek Mythology EssayThinking becomes confused and disorganized. Because the onset of the drugeffect is rapid when marijuana is smoked, most users learn to avoid overdoseby taking only as many inhalations as are required to produce the desiredhigh. Smoking high doses of marijuana or hashish over long periods of timeproduces severe bronchitis, and the tar produced when marijuana is smokedis more potent than the tar from tobacco in causing cancer in animals. Medical Uses The pharmacological effects of the hemp plant have been knownsince ancient times. A Chinese pharmacopoeia compiled nearly 2,000 years agorecommended it for treating a number of disorders, and it was used in Indiabefore the 10th century AD. There are no currently approved uses formarijuana in the United States, except for two states California and Arizona,which have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. Clinical research hasshown that THC is effective in reducing the nausea that cancer patientsexperience when they are treated with chemotherapy. Marijuana is alsobelieved to stimulate appetite. In asthma patients, several studies haveshown that THC acts as a bronchodilator and reserves bronchial constriction. In treating epilepsy, marijuana is used to prevent both grande mal and otherepileptic seizures in some patients. Marijuana also limits the muscle painand spastically caused by multiple sclerosis and it relieves tremor andunsteady gait. Lastly, marijuana has been clinically shown to be effective inrelieving muscle spasm and spasticity. History of Marijuana Laws The hemp plant was once a widely cultivated plant in the New World bysettlers. It has been known for centuries that the fiber from the hemp plantis very useful in making ropes. Therefore the cultivation of the hemp plantwas encouraged and much needed. The Virginia Assembly, urging farmers to growthe crop for its fiber passed the first law concerning the hemp plant in1619. There was virtually no significant legislation passed concerning thehemp plant until the 1900s. It was at this time when American attitudestowards Mexicans became hostile. Marijuana obtained a foul reputation whenMexican peasants crossed the border into Texas. It was widely used by Mexicanpeasants as an intoxicant. The Texas police claimed that marijuana causedthese Mexican settlers to commit violent crimes. Therefore in 1914, the firstban on possession of marijuana was passed in El Paso, Texas. Many otherstates followed Texas, and in 1937, Congress passed the Marijuana Tax Act. This law made the possession of marijuana illegal anywhere in the UnitedStates. During the McCarthy era, the Boggs Acts were passed to definemandatory minimums for the possession of marijuana. Congress moved to an evenstronger position in 1956 by lengthening these mandatory minimum sentences. Anti-marijuana feelings continued to grow, and state laws often imposedstricter penalties than the federal penalties. In the 1960s, however, astrange phenomenon began to occur. For the first time in history, marijuanause began to rise amongst the white middle class. Many mandatory sentenceswere repealed. This was seen in the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention andControl Act of 1970. Most of the states followed the federal government, andthe possession of marijuana was decriminalized. However in the 1980s thegovernment once again changed its mind, with the passage of the Anti-AbuseAct of 1986, which once again imposed mandatory minimum sentences for a widerange of drug offenses. The last major piece of legislation passed by thefederal government (not state governments) was in 1996, which stated that anyAmerican convicted of a marijuana felony may no longer receive federalwelfare or food stamps. 1988 WordsBIBLIOGRAPHYCohen, Susan and Daniel. What You Can Believe About Drugs. New York: M Evansand Company, 1987. Hawley, Richard A. Drugs and Society. New York: walker and Company, 1992. Kusinitz, Marc. Drug Use Around the World. New York: Chelsea HousePublishers, 1988. Meehan, Bob. Beyond The Yellow Brick Road: Our Children and drugs. Colorado:Meek Publishing Company, 1996. Ryan, Elizabeth A. Straight Talk About Drugs and alcohol. New York: Factson File, Inc, 1995. Schleichert, Elizabeth. Marijuana. New Jersey: Enslow Publishers, 1996. Zeller, Paula Klevan. Focus on Marijuana. Maryland: Twenty-First CenturyBooks, 1990.

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German Grammar Essays - , Term Papers, Research Papers

German Grammar HS: Didaktische Konzeptionen f?r den Grammatikunterricht WS 00/ 01 Dozent: Prof. Dr. K?pcke Referent: Matthias M?ller Grammatikdefinition 1. ?Eine Grammatik als Gebrauchsgrammatik soll Auskunft dar?ber geben, was richtig und was falsch ist.? - Eisenberg, Peter 1994: Grundriss der deutschen Grammatik. Stuttgart. Metzler ?Ich komme erst jetzt, weil ich hab? noch gearbeitet.? Ist das richtig, ist das falsch? Weitere Definitionen: -Duden- Das gro?e Fremdw?rterbuch: Gram/ma/tik die;-, -en * aus lat. (ars) grammatica **Sprachlehre** 1.a Beschreibung der Struktur einer Sprache als Teil der Sprachwissenschaft 2.Werk, in dem Sprachregeln aufgezeichnet sind 3.etw. was zu jmdm./etw. als etw. Gesetzmiges, Wesensbestimmendes, als eine innewohnende Struktur geh?rt, z. B. die ? der Gef?hle Meyers Lexikon: (griech.), derjenige Teil der Sprach-Wiss., der sich mit den sprachl. Formen und deren Funktion im Satz, mit den Gesetzmigkeiten und dem Bau einer Sprache besch?ftigt; auch Bez. F?r die Gesamtheit der Regeln einer Sprache Wahrig W?rterbuch: Lehre vom Bau und von den Regeln einer Sprache, Sprachlehre, Lehrbuch der Sprachlehre Weitere Thesen zur Grammatik aus: ?Grundriss der deutschen Grammatik? ( s. o.) ?Eine deutsche Grammatik stellt fest, was zum Deutschen geh?rt und was nicht.? ?Die Unterscheidung von deskriptiver und pr?skriptiver Grammatik hat sich... problematisch erwiesen. Einmal ist es nicht die Grammatik selbst, die normativ ist, sondern der Gebrauch..? ?Es ist und bleibt Aufgabe der Grammatik, zwischen richtig und falsch f?r eine Sprache zu entscheiden? ?Die zweite Aufgabenstellung der Grammatik besteht also darin, Aussagen ?ber die Struktur einer Sprache zu machen.?

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What You Need to Know About Online Education

What You Need to Know About Online Education Exploring Online Education: Online education is often preferred by professionals, parents, and students who need a flexible school schedule. This article will help you understand the basics of online education, recognize its benefits and drawbacks, and choose an online education program that fits your needs. What is Online Education?: Online education is any type of learning that occurs through the internet. Online education is often called: distance learningdistance educationvirtual learningonline learninge-learningweb-based training Is Online Education Right for You?: Online education isn’t for everyone. People who are most successful with online education tend to be self-motivated, skilled with scheduling their time, and capable of meeting deadlines. Advanced reading and writing skills are often required to excel in text-heavy online education courses. See: Is Online Learning Right for You? Online Education Pros: Online education offers flexibility for people who have work or family responsibilities outside of school. Often, students enrolled in online education programs are able to work at their own pace, accelerating their studies if desired. Online education programs may also charge less than traditional programs. Online Education Cons: Students involved in online education often complain that they miss the direct, face-to-face interaction found on traditional campuses. Since coursework is generally self-directed, it is difficult for some online education students to stay engaged and complete their assignments on time. Types of Online Education Programs: When choosing an online education program, you’ll need to decide between synchronous courses and asynchronous courses. Students taking online education courses synchronously are required to log on to their courses at the same time as their professors and peers. Students taking online education courses asynchronously may log on to the course website whenever they choose and do not have to participate in discussions or lectures at the same time as their peers. Choosing an Online Education Program: After surveying your online education options, choose a school that fits your personal goals and learning style. The list of Online Education Program Profiles can help you make the right decision.

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Illustrate and discuss the simple keynesian model. What are its policy Essay

Illustrate and discuss the simple keynesian model. What are its policy implications - Essay Example nt of time, government intervention was the prime needs to stabilize the economy and role of the government gets severely distorted under an open economy. The following is a very simple representation of his theory known as the Simple Keynesian Model. For the above-mentioned model we assume that the aggregate price level is fixed. The central idea of Keynesian model is the output to be at the equilibrium level, it has to be equated with the aggregate demand. If ‘Y’ stands for total output, that is, the GDP and ‘E’ equals the aggregate demand, then equilibrium condition requires: The aggregate demand or the desired expenditures on output is a summation of household consumption or ‘C’, desired business investment demand or ‘I’, and government expenditure or ‘G’ (government expenditure is nothing but the government sector’s demand for goods and services). Incorporating all these components into the equilibrium condition, the equilibrium condition can be written as: Now, national income or ‘Y’ in general can be decomposed into three parts – one part of the national income gets consumed (C), one part gets paid in taxes (T) and the rest is saved (S). So we may write: So, the equilibrium condition for output in Simple Keynesian Model is desired business investment equal to realized investment. At any disequilibria situation, (Ir – I) will either be greater than or less than zero. Ir and I may differ in the following ways. In the above case, (Ir-I) represents the unintended inventory accumulation. This is the amount by which the total output level surpasses the aggregate demand and will result in the unsold output that exceeds the level of desired inventory of the firms. In this situation there is an inventory shortfall of (I-Ir) which is again undesired or unintended. Here demand exceeds production and the firms end up selling more than planned. Thus inventory falls short of the desired level. The equilibrium is reached where Ir=I. It